Academically trained in painting and sculpture, he's explored various artistic styles. Over the years his work has grown through different styles, working in traditional oils, watercolors and acrylics, and bridging into new digital media. His inspirational work often centers on the life of Christ.




In 1985 his first attempt at painting the Divine Mercy image resulted in a simple acrylic on canvas board which he gave to his father. More than a quarter of a century later he has revisited the theme and created the version of the Divine Mercy image seen on this site.




Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Thomas Valle had a desire to become an artist from a very young age. Inspired by the 17th century religious paintings in the churches and cathedrals  of Mexico, his vision of art has always been that of attempting to inspire the mind to higher things--that is, to God, the source of Truth, Goodness and Beauty  itself.

Artist Thomas Valle